The Journal

The Journal of the Canadian Church Historical Society is a highly regarded peer-review journal specializing in the history of the Church in Canada.

Call for Articles

We are particularly interested in articles relating to the history of the Anglican Church of Canada, and more generally interested in the history of the wider Christian experience in Canada. Papers and books reviewed which are not explicitly on Canada will be considered but should have some pertinence to the Canadian experience. We exercise wider latitude with books as we are interested in drawing the attention of scholars to books that might provide models or insights.

Most especially, we would be pleased to receive articles on influential figures in the history of the Canadian Church (both well-known and those who are lesser-known), articles on the history and development of church architecture, hymnody,  the Canadian liturgy, on the colonial and post-colonial experience, the role of first nations, indigenous, and Inuit peoples in the history of the church, and the history of ecumenism in Canada. The editor also welcomes suggestions for future special issues.

Manuscripts for potential articles should be about 7500 words, double spaced, in triplicate (two copies without the author’s name, for blind review). Manuscripts may also be received electronically at the email address below.  Style: Chicago Manual of Style. 

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Rev. Daniel F. Graves, editor of the CCHS Journal, Church House, 80 Hayden Street, Toronto, ON M4Y 3G2. E-mail:

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